Our Eleven Plus Sessions Include

Group Session   ;- 

In order to provide a challenging environment, we run our group sessions on Weekdays as well as weekends. Providing an in-depth knowledge and forming the foundation for the students , we offer them a healthy competition in our group sessions. In group session there is a maximum limit of 5-6 students. 

Please note we recommend group sessions for students only after their initial assessments. Only if your child is able to cope up with the pressure, shall we offer these sessions, else we would offer them one to one sessions only.

One to one Sessions:-

Our one to one sessions are available to only those students who we feel need for extra support .These are recommended only after initial assessment and observations.

Year 4 & Year 5

Depending upon the child's initial assessment, we recommend the start of session in the year 4 groups. Please note that we might ask you to come back in year 5 for your child as your child might be doing well in his year group and may just need a little or no input at this stage.


- Basic Concept building required to clear 11 plus by way of audio visual methods and homework sessions aimed at practice. 


- Grammar and Punctuation sessions

- Creative writing skills

- Comprehending the Comprehension

- Story sessions aimed at increasing the logical and creative thinking

Verbal Reasoning:

- Code Building

- Decoding Codes

- Synonym and Antonym Sessions

- Vocabulary Building and Super Speller competition

Non Verbal:

- Code interpretation

- Types of Non verbal series with detailed discussion

- Logical thinking games and introduction of Nets and Cubes

**It is compulsory to join our reading club for our students which is provided at no extra cost for students registered in long term courses with us.