Who we are and what we do?

We are UK based private education  consultancy, focused on bringing the best in our pupils. A service that started with 5 students in 2013 and has grown since then in leaps and bounds.

With years of experience in educating young minds, we pride in providing a targeted approach to students with 90% results. We cater to ages 9-16 and help them prepare for various streams - 11 Plus, GCSE, English and Maths.

We at ePlusT (Education Plus Technology Services) try and help young minds achieve heights & believe that every child has the potential. All they need is a little guidance with right direction & support to achieve the best. Education is the greatest gift that one can give and a strong foundation is the basis of all tests that our little tots have to go through. Building a strong foundation is the key to your child's whole education and career opportunities and not just 11 plus tests.


Strong base formation, practice exams, along with understanding the tips and tricks to enhance your chances for the 11-plus assessment is one of our USP and with years of experience we know how to deliver the best. We help students with all abilities and do not believe in pick and choose. Every child has the potential and we should provide them with the right direction and try to channelize their efforts. All our sessions include Maths, English Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning to provide for the requirements of 11-Plus. Our sessions also include games and puzzles for students to enhance their lateral thinking and cognitive behaviour. This is very much required in order to help them identify the unidentifiable .


With a small group size and one to one sessions, we specialise in raising the level of child in their year groups with special attention to their weak areas.

Why ePlusT?

  • - DBS checked and highly qualified tutors
  • - Small group sessions for healthy competition
  • - Concentrated approach with lessons supported by audio visual aids
  • - Special support for underprivileged children with abilities
  • - Library service for students to enable exposure to all publishers
  • - Gradual introduction to SATS & 11Plus Exam Papers
  • - 98% Success rate in 2020. 
  • -All our Students were offered place in grammar school in Kent , Surrey, Medway,  Bromley & Bexley.
  • - One to one support available for all abilities
  • - Online Sessions available for students (Opt In required)
  • - Homework to suit child's learning needs
  • - Reading Club to ensure child not only reads the words but also learns its usage.



·         A two-hour session covering Maths, English, VR and NVR.
·         A reading club scheduled on Weekday evenings.
·         Classics like Tom Sawyer, Heidi, Christmas carol and so on (Teams sessions) ·          Reading and study material for the classroom session is provided.
Though, you might have to still purchase some regular books suggested during the start of sessions and in year 5.
·          Regular Assessments which are taken as part of course to ensure the progress of the child.
·         Mock tests taken from time to time.
·         Concept building during our sessions. (Our focus is to ensure the child learns the concepts and is not trained to test only).