ePlusT education services limited is an Eleven plus education based service available in South East London (Dartford, Bexleyheath, Bexley, Sidcup and Kent), and provides in-depth learning to the child based upon their level in specific year groups. Our tuition-classes are based on real time exposure to the child to enable them understand the basic concepts of Maths and English, thus helping them prepare for the future. With a proven track record and descriptive & Illustration based methodology, we aim at supporting the child's learning by making his foundation strong.

At ePlusT we follow National curriculum and ensure child learns concepts and is ready to take up any kind of test he may want to. With small group size and individual attention, children tend to understand more and are confident individuals. Depending upon the child's level of attainment, we do offer one to one sessions as well.

Our students have gained admissions to grammar schools like Dartford Grammar, Beth Grammar, Bexley Grammar, Townley, Tonbridge Grammar girls,  Tunbridge Grammar Boys,Newstead woods and other sought after grammar schools around London.

We believe in not pressurising the child rather provide them with right information and relaxed atmosphere to provide positive environment. Once your children join ePlusT , they become our responsibility and we take care of the child as our own.

Focussed Approach

What does it mean to have a focussed approach?

We at EPlust, assess the child time to time, as we go along , to identify the real potential of the child. Since these kids are so young, it would benefit to understand their key positive aspects and unleash their potential based on the same.

We believe in not exposing the child to unnecessary pressure and understand the importance of positive growth environment and support. Probably that is the reason for our 95% success rate. It is important to understand the child's psychology in order for them to accept the information we provide. Hence our groups are tailored as per the requirements of the child.

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